Virgin gets it

And finally!

I've ranted before about how dreadfully interchangeable and commoditised many airlines are, so Karl Long's Experience Curve post about Virgin America was a breath of fresh air - as well as a pleasing vindication of my own prejudices.

Virgin have invested heavily in customer-oriented technology (power sockets everywhere, seat-to-seat chat functions, computerised drink ordering, computers for everyone and lighting that's groovier than an 110-year-old engraver with a jazz collection and a frown). All very cool indeed.

But even cooler are the things they have done that cost nothing (or at least cost no more than the boring option). My two personal highlights in Karl's report were the staff who are empowered to do their own playful thing (see this article for more on such talent) and - wonder of wonders - a safety video that genuinely makes people laugh!

Extra cost - zilch. Extra effect - priceless! I'll be flying Virgin America as soon as I can.

Virgin interior lighting shot by magitisa at flickr.
Groovy! Have these guys been reading my e-book?



Vladimir Dzhuvinov said...

With this lighting on board they might just turn the liners into flying disco clubs. A 7 hour non-stop party from LHR to JFK :)))

Anonymous said...

found the safety movie:

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