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Anticipation again...

Like a million other Mac fans, SquireTV buddy Markus Hormess and myself were keenly following yesterday's MacWorld keynote by Steve Jobs.

My favorite bit of the hype was the "back soon" sign posted on the Apple Store website for the last few hours before the speech - you can see it in the picture above. Markus (who's much more tech-savvy than I) tells me there was no technical reason for this. The website could have kept running normally, switching in new content as appropriate.

Instead, the "back soon" sign gave a feeling of the (mac-)world holding it's breath, waiting for the latest thing in gorgeous little white boxes.

I've written before that anticipation is hugely important - at a very deep neurological level. This little gimmick milked that fact nicely.

PS More on Steve Jobs' presentation style here.

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