Architecture as experience

"Architecture is great cinema!"

Quote of the week this - erm - month, is from Friend-of-Brad Thomas Willemeit of hip Berlin-LA-Beijing architects Graft.

“I have always enjoyed asking myself how we can describe a home not just as a organisational floor-plan, but by describing how we experience it. When I enter a dwelling, I have certain atmospheres one after the other - sequences of light and shade, of narrowness and space. There is a scenography, a dramatic structure for the space. Architecture is great cinema.

We design buildings like films, whose power lies in leading us through worlds and catching hold of our emotions.”

“We felt the poetic, narrative aspect of architecture. Where does the architecture trick us? Where does it lead us astray, like a stage set?”

(From an article in GQ Germany, February 2008).

Architects are among the most experience-aware designers, probably because you cannot take in their work all at once, and they are forced to consider the timing aspect. Remember, once design has a time component, it becomes experience...

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Translation by me, image from the GQ online article.


kat said...

Ah, this is one of those moments where I wish I was better at Photoshop. I'm sure the experience is lovely for those people entering the building, but the film I think of looking at that aerial shot is "Attack of the 50 ft. Woman". Can't you just picture the giant housewife picking up the corner of that green rug and sweeping all the human-shaped specks of dust under it? It's especially funny considering that this is a church. Divine perspective?

Adam said...



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