Tougher stuff for airlines

But who'll do it first?

As I near the end of my Dominica trip, I dig down through my holiday drawers and see the big fat chunky sweater that I brought halfway across the planet simply "in case it's cold when I land back at home".

I'll by flying back from (endless) summer into (early) autumn this time, so the temperature change won't be so pronounced: But what about the folks making winter/summer trips, who are forced to transport a whole set of warm clothes (and coat, and boots, and woolly hat) into the tropics so they don't die of exposure on the short journey from home to airport? Warm clothes that are simply taking up luggage space and sitting in a drawer through the whole sun-kissed holiday.

Craziness, no?

So who will be the first airline to let me change out of my winter clothes in the plane (or at either airport), put them in a box, and take good care of them for me until the return flight back to my freezing home?

(Or who will be the first airport service provider to offer the same facility?)

Sure, there are other ideas that are easier to organise - there are certainly logistics and security issues here - but I'd shower kisses and loyalty on the first provider who can save me that half a suitcase...

Suitcase and boots shot from metrognome0 at flickr

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