Why we do what we do...

Some interviews with WorkPlayExperience

If you like it raw, here's a transcript of an interview I did with the Design Transitions site. I talk about our work methods, and briefly discuss the Jams.

If you play it by ear, here is a radio interview with Markus and I on Gov2.0Radio. It covers our theatrical tools in a little more detail - especially what they meant for the Jams, and in particular the GovJam.

For the video stars, this is me talking to Service Design TV in San Francisco. Some general thoughts on service design, and our toolset.

And for the iPodders out there, here's an interview with Business901 about using theater to gain insight into customer experience.

(Bonus in German: Talking about creativity and play in Contact Management magazine. )


JustinBarley said...
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Josh Jambon said...

Liked your talk on servicedesign.tv..

aeth said...
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Adam StJohn Lawrence. said...

Thanks Josh!

Smith said...

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