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Canada's Biz-wiz-joke-bloke Andy Nulman is a master of surprise - it has been said* that he "owns" the term - and he's up to his (un)usual tricks again over at his excellent Pow! blog.

In my eyes, the best bit of his "200 free books" post is the last line - "Or could there be, perhaps, maybe, something up my sleeve?"

The ideal partner of surprise is anticipation.

I've emphasised before that it works at a deep psychological level. Put it like this: surpassing your audiences expectations is always great, but pumping those expectations to a higher level and then topping the
elevated hopes is unbeatable.

The feeling of expectation gets the primeval juices churning (it's all about emotion, folks!), then the surpassed anticipation wows on an intellectual level too, as well as giving a story to tell.

So Andy, I'll take the bait and line up for a copy of your book. You've lost a sale - I'd have bought one anyway - but I'm keenest of all to find out how you're planning to Pow! me this time...

After all, it's not like the man who can do everything needs help with publicity. ;)


PS You have my address. :)
* By Andy, but why not? ;)
Picture and film made at that fun Kodak site, Andy image from Pow!.

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