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I know, I know, this blog is looking weedy and neglected recently. The thing is - besides making a fool of myself on stage, I've been slaving away on the consultancy work for the last few months. The partnership with Service Innovationist Markus Hormess is burgeoning, and we've been told it's time for a book.

I've already got a modestly successful little e-book out there, but this book will be full-length, offered through a publisher - the working title is The Experience Director - and that's where I need your help.

I like a book to have fresh case studies, anecdotes, human touches. And it's important that they come not just from my location but from all over the world - just like the people who read this blog.

So here's what I'm asking you to do:

1. If you have an experience design (or service design) story, problem, question, project, TALK TO ME. Give me a call, drop me a mail, Skype me - whatever. It doesn't matter if your theme is tiny or huge; it doesn't matter if your project is current, theoretical, long finished, stuck or just a pipe-dream; it doesn't matter if you're a service professional, student or fellow designer - just TELL ME your story. I'm all ears.

2. We can talk about your project, your problems, your ideas. I'll give you my suggestions, thoughts and strategies in return. If you hate them, tell me why; if you like them, you are welcome to use them, free of charge. All I ask is that you keep me posted on how it goes, or how it went. (If you need support making things happen, let me know).

3. If the story teaches us something, or serves to illustrate a useful point, it goes in the book. You'll be credited, named and even pictured (unless, of course, you prefer to remain anonymous).

How's that sound?

Unsure if your story or question qualifies? Well, call me!

You can reach me on +49 157 7374 3112,
or adam( a t )
My Skype name is adamstjohn
(I'm often invisible so ping me first).
Go on, call me!

Name in lights pic from Billaday at flickr.

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