Theatrical tools for service experience - an overview

Top practical tips
Theater can give you powerful - and long proven - tools for service design and experience work. Our customers at Work•Play•Experience love them, and I've written about them over the years on this blog. Here are links to some of the best...

Rehearsal and service prototyping

Setting up a safe space (forget this, and you can forget the whole thing)
Running the session (why it's important to break the rules)

Powerful rehearsal/prototyping tools
The director's chair
Subtext (top tip!)

Experience structure and timing
Perfect story structure (top tip!)
Starting badly on purpose
Working with contrast
Thinking about timing

Entrances and moving people through them
Stage design lessons for entrances (important for retailers & UX)
When the backstage intrudes

How to guarantee a hit
The Big Three (just for fun?)

Tool pic by Svadilfari at flickr


Anonymous said...

They are the most powerful tool kit when working on customer experience/interaction with customers, indeed. Speaking from experience with WorkPlayExperience - it's just amazing how the theater setting immediately creates a different mind set with the participants and thus makes them play, interact and learn more (and better)! Great stuff - and well done!!
Gitta Hannig

Adam StJohn Lawrence. said...

Thanks Gitta! We have great fun working with your people! They are smart, creative and so full of energy. We're already looking forward to the next project!