You have 48 hours to save the world.

We're jamming again

After nearly killing ourselves with 68* hours of continuous Jamming at the Global Service Jam back in March, we are coming back for more.

200 "Superhero" designs developed by 1200 jammers in 59 cities within 48 hours was so amazing, we want to try it again. And this time, it will be exactly the same, but different.

The Global Sustainability Jam will take place on the 28, 29 and 30 of October in around 50 locations all over the planet. We have a lot of folks who jammed back in March, as well as a whole bunch of new faces.

It's fantastic to see Jams in regions which were absent or underrepresented at the last Jam - with Russia, India, the Middle East (Tel Aviv & Dubai) stepping up for the first time, and a big jump in the number of Jams in Africa and South America.

Unlike the Global Service Jam, this new event is not exclusively aimed at service designers and their pals. We hope to see 48 hours of jamming giving rise to designs for services, yes, but also objects, initiatives, networks, and things we haven't thought of yet. We'll be mixing the design crowd with the sustainability set - and the results should be gripping.

If you'd like to spend a thrilling 48 hours under our eternal motto of "doing, not talking", we'd love to have you. Find out more here. :)

* 48 hours for the Jammers, but 68 for us because of the time differences between NZ and SFO.

"Doing not Talking" image by Kirsty Joan of Snook.