Make yourself sixty bucks - right now!

Special offer for readers

If you came to watch me perform here or here tonight, it would cost you about sixty Euros. Well, I'm giving it away for the price of a sandwich.

Here's how it works.

1. Make yourself a sandwich. A nice one. Go on, go crazy.

2. Sit down and stare at this...

... for the next three hours while humming your favourite tunes.

3. Now and again, eat some of your sandwich.

There you are, instant dinner theater in your own home or workplace. Hope you had fun.

There's a Work•Play•Experience lesson here, a fundamental one - but you can work it out yourselves.



P.S. I followed a link from Andy Nulman's site and had a blast making a Meez. Actually, apart from being too thin it's a pretty good likeness of me. I just wish I had those eyebrows.

P.P.S. One disappointment - the Meez that I built on the website could "do" a whole lot more than this one - kneeling, bowing, blowing kisses etc. The Meez people say:

Don't panic -- the animation isn't broken!
When we make Meez images to put on your web site, we shorten the animation. We do this so we can make an image that isn't a huge file size.
We're working on a way to give you full-length exports. Stay tuned!

Nice to know, but still a slight :(


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