Plotting the experience curve

Lie detectors, Google Earth and Boom-wowowow-BOOM!

A big part of show business is the emotional curve our audience go through while experiencing our show. I've argued before that customer experiences could learn much from this - a good emotional curve is deeply satisfying and it can be argued that the way we link the parts of an experience is more important than the quality of the parts themselves.

An extremely cunning chap called Christian Nold has come up with a way to measure people's emotional state in time and space. He calls it Biomapping. Basically, you strap a wee box of tricks to your finger and wander around enjoying yourself. The box of tricks contains GPS and another clever device (related to a lie detector) that measures your level of emotional excitement. Christian pushes the data through a set of programs and we have a map showing how you felt, and where. (See the picture above).

Pure genius.

Christian's work so far has been somewhere between an art project and a community initiative, but I am not the first to spot the customer experience possibilities. Imagine people wearing these brilliant gadgets at Disneyland, or the shopping mall, or your location - and what that could tell you about positioning your highlights and redesigning your experience curve...

(Right now the spatial resolution of GPS might make this set-up less than ideal for smaller sites, but you could get around that problem with a stopwatch, a high stool and a pencil.)

The really cool bit it, apparently Christian is willing to sell his gadgets to ordinary mortals like you and me. I think you should contact him and buy one.


I think I will.


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