You're only supposed to blow the bl**dy doors off!

Sir Michael Caine on experience design

I'm reading the autobiography of one of my favourite actors, and it turns out he is also a restaurant owner with some snappy ideas on experience design. From the conceptual:

"A restaurant should be like a show where you are the star when you come in, and the audience when you sit down."

To the practical:

"You should never be able to see a lightbulb."

You get your money's worth with Sir Michael.

PS There's a prize for the first reader to recognise the quote that titles this post. My money is on Andy Nulman. At the very least, he should like the picture. ;)



Rowan Manahan said...

That would be from the ineffable "The Italian Job" would it not?

(Rates up there with Sundance's marvellous, "Reckon you used enough dynmite there Butch?")

Adam StJohn Lawrence. said...

Spot on Rowan. Now, about that prize...

Where are you located?


Anonymous said...

Sharp knives too! ;)