Using elevators to impress

Giving captive audiences a lift...

Elevators (or "lifts", if you're a BritSpeaker like me) are massively underused resources. Even in these days of fitness awareness, if your building has a people-lifter it will see a lot of use. And people in elevators are a captive audience.

So why not show how cool you are by entertaining them, like in this wonderful elevator artwork by Marcello Brambilla for the Standard Hotel in New York?

Remember, it's a fine line between entertainment and invasive advertising. Crucially, your audience here is a captive one - so you don't need to grab their attention. Coax their interest instead, and take it slow - like Marcello Brambilla does here. Don't push product features
- tell a story. (It could be one featuring your product or service, but only use it if it's worth telling in itself.) Or just choose something that reflects who you are, or reveals something about your people.

And it needn't be a professional video installation either. What about just making your elevator the official company art gallery, with a different "artist" in charge each month? Your people will surprise you if you let them, I promise.

My mother, a teacher, always says "walls have to work". That's even more true when it's walls that people like to stare at. Who knows, you might even get them talking...

Video via BoingBoing and from Vimeo.


Janice Tomich said...


A fantastic idea and brilliant way for those who are passionate and believe in their work an avenue to share.

The elevator installation is captivating - can't think of a better way to break the uncomfortableness in an elevator setting.


Liftplus said...

Nice elevator installation.