UX > CX > HX?

Which way next?

Once, there was UX, or user experience. An emphasis on how the user interacted with your product.

Then we zoomed out to CX, or customer experience. Looking at the customer's entire interaction with both the product and the company - from using the product to reading the ad to calling support to paying the bill.

What's next? HX, or human experience?

Considering the interaction between the company (and all it's agents, whether "working" or not) with all the humans it interacts with - whether "customers" or not?

It will be fun finding out.

Whither weather vane pic from Greg Hefner at flickr.


Chris Tompkins said...

I think it would be more like Consumer Experience, how your product interacts with all the other products in a consumer's workflow.

Adam StJohn Lawrence. said...

Chris, I deliberately want to include not just the consumer, but also the non-consumer, the provider, and others reached by the offering.

Human Centered Design and all that. :)