Different workspaces...

...how Work•Play•Experience gets down to business

When we are boldly going where no service design agency has gone before, Markus and I find it useful to have different spaces for different tasks.

The Bridge
Adam's loft office - light, airy, equipped with a big table, grand piano and much stuff. Great for big ideas, strategic planning and long term thinking.

Markus' basement office - big screens, fast internet, mega printers and lots of toys. The ideal place to get down, dirty and into detail.

Ten Forward

For unstructured work and discussions, and for clearing up the bits and pieces; Ten Forward is any one of a number of cafés and bars with WiFi where we do most of our free form officework.

The Holodeck
As seen in this post, the Holodeck is our outdoor working platform. Under the open skies and with a riverside view, it's unbeatable for creative work and getting into constructive conversations with strangers.

Do you separate your workday? How?


AEA said...

i love the star trek analogy. very nicely written.

Adam StJohn Lawrence. said...

Ah, do I detect a fellow fan? :)

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