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Finding your way around this page

Packed full of showbiz tips and tricks to blow your customers away, this blog is getting chunkier by the month. So here are a few pointers to find your way around it...

The main window only shows the last few posts, so if you want more nourishing goodness, check out the side bars at the right.

Towards the top you will see a box called "Top 5: the most popular posts". These are the five posts which you, the readers, have clicked on most often. If you believe in crowd power, there must be good stuff here.

Further down is the mighty, mighty "Search posts by theme". Click on a keyword and you will be transported - hey presto! - to a screen showing all the posts tagged with that word. Here, for example, is the very popular tag page for "presentation technique".

Look out, further down, for clips from the latest posts on a bunch of other blogs I recommend...

And way down below you'll find a complete listing of almost all the posts on the blog, just for your home or office browsing enjoyment.

Have fun! And now click here to return to the main window...



Dublin signposts pic by infomatique at flickr

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