Empty, so empty...

Blogger blagged

Well, you've not heard from me for a while. The reason is not lack of ideas, or even time, but the fact that some atter snivvering bampot stole my beloved i-book from the dressing room at my last stand-up gig.

This means that instead of using my travelling time for writing wisdom, I am forced to look out of the window and count cows.

1,229 so far. I like the brown ones best.

bull pic by baroness_nordmark at flickr


képesvagyok said...

we have been missing your posts Adam! and Budapest has been missing You even more. To those readers who dont know, Adam is one of the best stand-up comedians and with the Sander&StJohn comedy duo he was the first to entertain the audience of BuDSuCS(Budapest Stand-up Comedy Shows). I cant tell you guys what a succesful night it was.The comedy duo is coming back in February. Im sure Adam will keep you posted. Cant wait.
Thank you!
Get a laptop ASAP and keep us busy again reading your wisdom!
Kinga Kremer

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Adam,

I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you get a new iBook soon. I look forward to reading your inspired and delicious post again.

Ryana Chen
Shanghai, China

Anonymous said...

Thanks, ladies!

I hope to get a new MacBook in the next couple of weeks...

And I'm looking forward to our next show in Budapest!

Hey Ryana, need any international comedy in Shanghai? :)