Back to business...

Papa's got a brand new book

The good news: I finally managed to get my sticky mitts on my new MacBook. Yippee!

The bad news: So, I'll be posting regularly again from now on.

Massive kudos points to EnterVisions for their excellent personal service. A teeny-weeny firm located in a local village, they were able to get me the machine within two days (the Big Boys would have needed two weeks). Then they called me to conform that my baby had arrived, and stayed open late so I could come by to pick it up after hours.

And when the cashpoint only gave me three-quarters of the money I needed, they said "No problem, just give us what money you have and send us the rest next week."

Wow! Guess where I'll be macShopping in future?

HappyMac photo by Patrick Haney at flickr.

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