Storytelling an experience

Recommended reading...

I often point folks towards Frank Capek's blog "Customer Innovations: driving profitable growth". He writes pages-long posts that go into absorbing depth, touching on a lot of psychological and neurological themes in his customer experience discussions. A long read, but valuable, terrific stuff.

I've been a fan of Frank's for a while now, but I never knew he visits here too.

Today, Mr Capek used my Boom-wowowow-BOOM! model to analyse Disney's Pirate's of the Caribbean ride. He goes into his trademark level of considered detail, as part of a far wider discussion that touches on character and message as well as narrative structure.

His post is a most excellent overview of experience storytelling technique. Thoroughly recommended - and not just because he quotes me. :o)


Unknown said...

Adam... thanks for the comments / reference. As you can probably tell from my post, I absolutely love the mental image created by "Boom-wow-wow-wow-BOOM." I've been enjoying your writing and am looking forward to seeing more. Cheers, Frank Capek

Adam StJohn Lawrence. said...

Thanks Frank!